How to Join The Bizportal!!

How to Join The Bizportal!!

by The Author on April 01, 2019

Step #1 : Enter your mobile number without country code or zero.


Step #2 : Click verify button, system will send OTP on your mobile within 10 minutes, please wait at least 10 minutes before requesting new OTP.

Step #3 : Enter OTP you received with first name, last name.

Step #4 : Enter your city name, system will suggest you your city name with state and country, select your city name from list.


Step #5 : Enter password, email and click terms & condition box.

Step #6 : Click Sign up button.


Registration process is success fully completed, now let us see meaning of alerts during registration process.

Invalid! Mobile Number


This message indicate your entered mobile number is wrong, so re-enter your mobile number and click verify button.

Mobile number already registered


This message indicate your entered mobile number is already registered with us, you can login your account or you can reset password using mobile number.

OTP sending failed, please contact support team


This message indicate many things, if you send maximum number of OTP then system will show this message or if some problem occurred to send OTP on your mobile number, then system show this message.

Please contact our support team.


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